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The Access Nigeria Program ultimately aims to match qualified candidates with employers for the purpose of creating sustainable employment.

Using ANJIMS, employers can quickly, reliably and inexpensively identify candidates that have acquired desired skills by successfully undergoing training specific to their (employers) needs. In addition, employers can get more information on the training providers and even view their training curriculum.

Students are currently undergoing training, but employers can REGISTER and enjoy the following benefits:

    1. Ability to match the skills required by your company to those available by the students;
    2. Serves as a means to advertise your job openings;
    3. Search feature that enables the firms find people by qualification and location, thereby presenting the unique opportunity to research prospects before contacting or meeting them;
    4. Enables virtual job interviews/interaction and eventual placement;
    5. Ability to earn FREE internships and ensure there’s a good match!

If you are an employer, please REGISTER by clicking on the button below. For verification purposes a confirmation email will be sent to you 48 hours after registration. If you have any questions, please call or email.