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The ACCESS NIGERIA program has been designed and developed in such a way to enable it tap into the Nigeria biggest potential and make them readily employable in the Nigeria services sector.

To achieve this a three pronged approach has been employed, which entails a full cycle of assessments followed by training and certification and eventually to job creation/placement.

The assessment exercise was conducted by AON Hewitt in collaboration with Eduquity in six Nigeria higher institutions namely:

  • University of Lagos, Lagos State;
  • Yaba College of Technology, Lagos State;
  • University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State;
  • Kaduna State Polytechnic, Kaduna State;
  • Kaduna State University, Kaduna State;
  • University of Abuja, Abuja.

During the course of the assessment period, applications were received from six thousand (6,000) applicants who cut across university undergraduate, graduate and pre NYSC graduates. At the end of the exercise, one thousand five hundred (1,500) applicants were shortlisted to undertake the training slated to take place later in the year.

The future projection of the program is to have about 100,000 students trained and equipped with employability skills

The ACCESS-Nigeria Program is currently in its pilot stage, in which 1500 students are currently undergoing training. For now the program is only open to these registered students undergoing training.



  •  Enhance your Spoken English
  •  Understand Reading and Listening Comprehension
  •  Improve your Written English
  •  Polish your Business Communication
  •  Increase your Computer Usage Skills
  •  Refine your Professional Conduct
  •  Cultivate your Cultural Sensitivity



  • Acquire requisite employable skills attractive to employers
  •  Experience a wide range of service sector relevant skills
  •  Showcase your profiles and skills to potential employers
  •  Participate in JOB FAIRS and get noticed
  •  Get informed of job openings and opportunities
  •  Excel in the work place with attained values and ethics