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Empowering Future Professionals

The ACCESS NIGERIA Project is a World Bank supported program. The goal of ACCESS NIGERIA [Assessment of Core Competence for Employability in Services Sector] is to support the creation of a new capital base equipped with the requisite skills and training required by the industry, which will enable Nigeria compete in the fast growing new economy areas, particularly the IT Enabled services (ITeS) sectors and the service sector generally.

The ACCESS NIGERIA program is geared towards improving the employability of the Nigeria graduate for the services sector industry which cuts across Banking, telecommunication, IT enabled services, BPO services, energy sector, hospitality sector etc. To ensure the empowerment of these students/ applicants, a three pronged approached was adopted by ACCESS NIGERIA namely:  ASSESSMENT, TRAINING and CERTIFICATION leading to job creation.

Overall the ACCESS-NIGERIA seeks to provide the following:


  • Nigerian talent the ACCESS to opportunities for employment in the IT enabled service sector and beyond;
  • Nigerian service sector companies the ACCESS to a large pool of talented individuals ready to step into the services sector;
  • ¬†Domestic and international clients the ACCESS to a global standard hub for IT enabled services, and creating an enabling environment and talent pool.


To therefore ensure placement upon completion of training and the overall success of the ACCESS NIGERIA program, the World Bank and its partner ODIN has decided to pursue a strategy of continuous engagement at all stages of the execution of the program with all identified stake holders to ensure support through effective involvement and participation, hence the creation of ANJIMS, an electronic engagement interactive tool/ platform.

ANJIMS is to serve as an interactive forum that will connect only registered stakeholders (candidates, training providers, employers and the ACCESS Nigeria team). The system will collate, store, analyze and report on all job related information and data from Access Nigeria stakeholders. 

ANJIMS will ensure effective data share amongst stakeholders. It will also enable prospective employers to be fully integrated into the operations of the ACCESS Nigeria Program with a view of matchmaking and eventual job placement.

For now, only registered candidates will be able to log in and have access to the ANJIMS interactive forum.